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We’re so stoked for a great winter season! We are lucky to have such wonderful customers like you and we want to get to know you more.

Part of our mission statement is “to provide education and foster community”. So how do we do that exactly? Events!

We strive to come up with exciting new ways to bring the community together. We want to celebrate our shared love of the backcountry, make new friends, and learn something new along the way! Whether it’s a gear demo, film screening, or educational course, we hope that you’ll join us to gain more knowledge of your favorite backcountry activity. We also work hard to support local organizations and non-profits who work hard to strengthen our community.

Here are some upcoming events for the Winter that we’re really excited about:

KBYG Series with Aaron Parmet

This is a series that we hope to run through the winter, with basic KBYG courses, as well as more focused presentations. The dates on the calendar so far are:

November 13th: Human Factors
Learn about human factors, group management and communication. This is a great event to attend with your go-to backcountry partner(s). Aaron will discuss how communication can help or hurt your chances of staying safe.

December 11th: Terrain
Aaron will go over different types of terrain and how to make wise choices according to avalanche forecasts, slope angles, snow conditions, etc.

SPLITBOARDING 101 with Weston Snowboards

Join us for a 101 course all about splitboarding! What is it? Why do it? What gear do I need? Learn all the basics at this awesome course put together by Weston Snowboards!

December 3rd @ 6:30pm

February 19th @ 6:30pm

Stay tuned for more events. You can always find info on the events page, or our Facebook events page. Let us know what types of events you’d like to attend at the shop!


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