Protect Our Trails

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Okay wait just a second. Isn’t there still snow in the forecast? Aren’t Summit County trails still covered in snow?

Yep, there is snow in the forecast and trails are still under snow. But those of us who are itching to ride are seeking out dry options! We will be doing our best to share those with you on our social media, but if you want to do some exploring on your own, here are some tips:

We all have to do our part to keep our trails in good shape. Here are some examples of trails that you should not ride until they dry out. If you come across trails like this, please turn around! Try not to create re-routes by walking around trouble spots.



Double track and jeep roads aren’t affected quite as much by heavy use, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be cautious!


Single track can easily be ruined when riders create ruts in the mud. Unless someone comes to smooth it out before it dries, these ruts will become permanent.


The moral of the story is that we want our trails to last a long time and stay in good condition! If you want to do more to help, check out the volunteer opportunities for trail building/maintenance with Friends of the Dillon Ranger District!

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