Creating Community Through Group Rides

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At Wilderness Sports, one of our main goals is to foster a strong community of cyclists in Summit County. A love of bikes is a great thing to have in common with other adventurers. Events like clinics and group rides promote the importance of community by gathering together people from all walks of life to find out what they have in common. Whether you grab a beer with us after a mountain group ride, or make a new friend over coffee at a ladies ride, we hope you’ll join our group rides and walk away with a bigger circle of friends!

Are you a beginner? No problem! All of our group rides are a great way to be introduced to something new! Rides are no drop and for all skill levels. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment and then to challenge you throughout the summer. It is so valuable to learn alongside other beginners and encourage each other. If you’re a seasoned road biker and want to learn to mountain bike, or vice versa, group rides are a great way to do that!

For the ladies, we’ve got a weekly ride just for you! We meet on Sunday mornings at 9am, alternating between road and mountain rides. Our goal is to meet other women in the community, challenging and encouraging each other to improve our cycling skills. These rides are also great for beginners, with the option to ramp up the difficulty as the summer goes on, depending on the skill level of those who attend. This is an especially great opportunity for women to start mountain biking in a productive, no-pressure environment. It’s also a great time to practice new skills like using clipless pedals, body position for more confident descents, and pacing/gearing for more effective climbs.


If you find yourself struggling with a certain skill or type of terrain, group rides are also a great time for you to ask for tips. Feeling uneasy on the descents? Ask one of our shop ride leaders for suggestions on techniques that will make you more confident. Having issues with seat height or shifting? Arrive a few minutes early to get help with adjustments and then test them out on the ride! Our goal is to help you dial in your bike and your skills so that you can become a better rider.


Lastly, if you’re looking to buy a new bike, group rides are a great time to try out one of our many demo mountain or road bikes. Get some miles in on a bike before you buy, and chat about your options with our ride leaders. For pricing, availability, and to reserve a demo, call the shop the day before the group ride!

Here is the weekly schedule for group rides, which you can also find on our events page and Facebook. Hope to see you there!


Tuesday Lake Loop Road Ride – 6pm – meet @ Wilderness Sports

Thursday Mountain Ride – 6pm – meet at trailhead, announced by Wednesday each week

Sunday Ladies Ride – 9am – for road rides, meet @ Wilderness Sports, for mountain, meet at trailhead announced by Saturday each week

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